Friday, May 31, 2013

Blog Party Post 1

Okay, here's my post for the blog party!  It's been an eventful week, and I tried to have a picture for every day.  Unfortunately I'm missing one, but I spent a lot of that day at work and driving.  Here we go:


Attended a 50th anniversary party for my aunt and uncle.  They renewed their wedding vows.  Their cake was awesome.  I've never seen a basket weave pattern in icing before.  I was impressed.


Stephanie Ann was at my house today.  She played with Coal all day while I was at work and tired him out.  He's sleepy now.


Went to Independence Seaport Museum today with Stephanie Ann.  Saw so much cool stuff, but the best part of the day was going sailing on the Amistad.  Here's a picture of the lovely Stephanie Ann with the Philadelphia skyline behind her.


 Did a little cleaning today.  I love my trusty little vacuum, even though I wish it had a brush for the carpet.


I stepped outside today and was surprised when my attention was drawn to a splash of red in the lawn.  Upon closer inspection I found some pretty little berries growing among the grass!


Tried to tie a fancy decorative knot today.  I completely failed, but I have plenty of rope to keep trying with...


  1. I like the photo you took of the cake. I tried to include a bit of the basket weave in my photo of it. Your kitty is very energetic. :)

  2. I liked the top but what made it unique to me was the weave on the sides. That's why I focused on that. Almost every cake has icing flowers! :)