Tuesday, May 28, 2013

What to do next?

So, I've been trying to decide what my first project should be.  I've been stretched pretty thin on things, and I've been trying to review my old tunes on the pipes, and learning a new cutting technique on the flute.

I've been using Grey Larson's book The Essential Guide to Irish Flute and Tin Whistle to improve my flute playing.  Larson claims the cutting technique I've been using (the same I use for my pipes) is not as responsive on the flute, and that it's worth using his method when you're playing quite fast.  I'm not good enough to play reels up to speed, so it's hard for me to test that claim, but considering the praise this book has received, I'm inclined to believe him.

I'm finding it extremely hard to "unlearn" the way I've been playing for so long, but I'm sure I'll make it, since I was able to unlearn the way I held the flute.  What I'm worried about is that my fingers will get confused when switching back and forth between techniques on the instruments.  Time will tell!

Eventually I will post a recording or a video of one of the tunes I'm relearning on the pipes.  I think I'll start out with an easy one, just because I'm nervous about posting my playing.


  1. I thought it sounded good when you were trying the new technique. I guess we'll have to wait until you practice more to see if it's working out for you.

    1. Thanks! I can't really tell the difference, because the note I'm playing barely exists. :)